Friday, March 8, 2013

The Polar Bear Designation as Endangered

Disgrace for Canadians to allow the polar bear hunt
There's a tussle going on between the science behind polar bear species health and the politics of whether or not the numbers are shrinking.  And organizations that always stood for good science are being compromised with the positions they take.  For example, Greenpeace and Fish and Wildlife Service have cast the designation as 'threatened' not 'endangered' which would put the animal into a hunting under quota basis.  Experts are crawling out of the woodwork to put forth documentation to support all kinds of truths or versions of them based on who got paid what and where they get their funding from and who wants to advance an agenda. 

SunNews interviews Ford; their feet sit on bear skin

Polar bear kills are political and the iconic animal is a mere trophy for fat cat corporate Bush style rednecks.  See above.

Letter written to blog post for Terry Audla's blog to protest his arguing for the hunt on sustainable stewardship grounds.
Be honest.  You are using the polar bear for cash cow by selling hunting to disrespectful trophy use.  You are playing the political game and not the scientific one.  To you, it's important to hide behind the image of being 20th century by speaking well and being able to parlay in boardrooms while putting the face of grandmother's and poor who need traditional meat to live.  The unfortunate part is that the way of life is compromised when you sell bear parts of this iconic animal, people use the bear rugs as trophies in their corporate boardrooms, disrespect the 'lonely hunter' by shooting it with high powered weaponry.  In selling the bear this way you sully your ancestors' memory.  Theirs was a life of hardship and want and respect came from that need.  Today's Inuit have become hybrids of a tv culture where your wants are 20th century and you've forgotten that honor comes from respecting the past.  Your land is amongst the most beautiful one can imagine.  Our tv, photographs cannot capture what you can see in the skies, the aurora borealis.  Here, where I live, people shoot wild animals like coyotes on site because they're haters of the wild.  For you, to see a polar bear is magical.  Don't give away for cheap what is priceless.