Sunday, January 29, 2012

Media Sources Not to Trust

Don't expect Wall Street Journal to write honestly about climate change.  It's a business magazine and its readers are looking for profits, not prophecies, well, maybe!  From Peter Gleick of Forbes.
The Wall Street Journal’s editorial board has long been understood to be not only antagonistic to the facts of climate science, but hostile. But in a remarkable example of their unabashed bias, on Friday they published an opinion piece that not only repeats many of the flawed and misleading arguments about climate science, but purports to be of special significance because it was signed by 16 “scientists.”
For example, their op-ed has fundamental errors about recent actual temperatures, they use false/strawman arguments that climate scientists are saying climate change “will destroy civilization,” they launch ad hominem attack on particular climate scientists using out-of-context quotes, and so on.  

For the penultimate authority for science journalism:
 The National Academy of Sciences is the nation’s pre-eminent independent scientific organizations. Its members are among the most respected in the world in their fields. 
Science magazine – perhaps the nation’s most important journal on scientific issues – published the letter from the NAS members after the Journal turned it down. 
Science specific research, use Scirius or Google Scholar.

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