Monday, February 20, 2012

Electric Cars - Change for the Better in Ontario

Canadians ready for electric
Ontario roads and streets are dingy, pot holed filled around many parts of the city at this time of the year due in a large part to the excessive trucking of merchandise coming from the border.  Thanks to the push to sell cheaper and cheaper from state side without support for local economies and jobs.  Congestion is costing Ontario billions.

Living close to the QEW, the smog of diesel vehicles is growing with no end as is congestion in the corridor.  There's no easy answer for living in an urban megalopolis to deal with congestions,  but there is a chain of responsibility with regard to oversight and cost of implementing change that needs looking at.  See the discussion on the Agenda here for excellent analysis.  Our car mess is a federal responsibility.

My quick 3 solutions are:
light rail must be a transport method for heavy goods
  Ontario must push for local electric car manufacture and infrastructure,
 and municipally, we ought to have bike lanes.  Cycling to work is an urban trend in Toronto and growing.  But clearly, electric bikes and bikes need to have designated separated roadways.

Time for a switch to electric, especially in big transport and alternative shipping to light rail.

We also need to move to production of electric for car makers with heavier costs to gas driven vehicles in the form of taxation.  LNG and Canadian made Peterbuilt trucks are a good move towards lowering emissions amongst other toxins.  All UPS, FedEx and courier vehicles should be run electric or LNG.  They ought to be Canadian built and locally serviced and parts manufactured.  Fewer shopping trips for price comparisons and retail therapy might lessen the need for mega malls, wallmart sized parking lots and the encroachment of land space for crap plastic consumption.

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