Friday, February 8, 2013

What's Wrong with Market Side Economics?

Teachers and fishermen surplus
There's a mis allignment of skilled workers and jobs in the Canadian economy that is slowing Canada's growth according to a recent Agenda episode

I say that the wrong metrics are being applied because markets should not be dictating policy else we will have economists like Benjamin Tal offering fixes for a wide range of situations that he has no right or reason or accountability to comment upon.  Yet that is where such a conversation is headed. 

  • Let's transform the school system to align demand by industry else we shall import skilled un unionized labor to do it.

  • Let's manipulate immigration so that only tar sands workers or fish packers or migrant workers are invited to come to Canada because local labor is too expensive.  Or, our Chinese companies want Mandarin speakers.
  • Let's factory produce chemical, mechanical, industrial engineers not bothering with scientists who are the apogee of today's climate change crisis management team.
  •  Teachers and fishermen are surplus.  Really?  In today's knowledge economy?  When fish from the sea is about the only fresh, un gmo'd product left to eat?    
Seriously, I can see why this one sided view of an economy driving policy is taking us down a path we have no good reason to go.  

Please take the time to make a comment on The Agenda website because Steve Pakin is one of the best interviewers on television today and the programming is excellent.  Unlike Power and Politics, a bully pulpit from my point of view, the Agenda is non biased - generally fair.  Let them know your view.

Read one comment that said there is no labor shortage in the US but that companies are using third party rejection mechanisms 

We already have witnessed the rejection of coal miners in B.C. by a Chinese owned company. 

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